What was the Gatorade color 2022? (2023)

What color was the Gatorade 2022?

Super Bowl Gatorade color 2022: Sean McVay showered in blue Gatorade following Rams win - DraftKings Nation.

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What was the color of the Gatorade this year?

Super Bowl Gatorade color history
YearSuper Bowl WinnerGatorade Color
2021Tampa Bay BuccaneersBlue
2020Kansas City ChiefsOrange
2019New England PatriotsBlue
2018Philadelphia EaglesYellow
17 more rows
Sep 2, 2022

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What color was the Gatorade dump?

So below we will answer the question as to what color was the Gatorade in the post-game celebration of Super Bowl LVI. Update: Rams head coach Sean McVay was doused with Blue Gatorade following LA's victory in Super Bowl LVI.

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What is the main Gatorade color?

The official Gatorade colors are orange, red orange, black and white. We recommend using the Gatorade color palette for personal projects and in the case of commercial use to visit the company website.

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What color Gatorade was dumped at 2022 Super Bowl?

2022 Super Bowl Gatorade Color Result: Rams Dump Blue Gatorade On Sean McVay After Super Bowl LVI Win. Per NBC's broadcast, the Rams dumped blue Gatorade on head coach Sean McVay.

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What is the white color Gatorade?

Glacier Cherry Gatorade Frost

If your palette is one that generally enjoys the "icy" and "frost" flavors of Gatorade, then you're sure to also love Glacier Cherry Gatorade Frost. Despite the "cherry" in its title, it's an opaque white color that gives off a glacial, cooling vibe.

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Is it yellow or green Gatorade?

Lemon Lime is yellow like a lemon with a little hint of lime. I've found most men call it green while women call it yellow.

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What color was the Eagles Gatorade?

Doug Pederson smiled all the way through his bath in Eagles-green Gatorade. Philadelphia won its FIRST EVER SUPER BOWL, and Pederson was treated appropriately.

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What is the dark blue Gatorade?

The Cool Blue Gatorade flavor has often been described as being similar to a blue raspberry drink. This flavor of Gatorade, while being very raspberry-like, is not as sweet as other refreshing flavors, but it is still a popular choice for aficionados of Gatorade.

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What color Gatorade was dumped in Super Bowl 55?

UPDATE: The CBS broadcast did not show it, but per photos, the color of gatorade dumped on Bruce Arians following the Buccaneers' victory was blue.

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What color Gatorade did the Bengals have?

Super Bowl 56 Gatorade Color

Orange for the Bengals, blue for the Rams.

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