How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (2023)

Learn how to change colors on a logo quickly and easily with this Shutterstock Create tutorial. Elevate your brand’s visual identity today!

Many business owners struggle with how to change colors on a logo. Not everyone has the time, money, or skills to learn Photoshop. Hiring a professional to make these changes may be out of the question too. Honestly, logo design updates shouldn’t be this hard!

That’s why I’ve put together this tutorial on the fastest and easiest ways for non-designers to change the colors on their logos. By using Shutterstock Create, a user-friendly design tool enhanced by AI, anyone can make quick edits to their logo in no time—and for free!

Read on to get step-by-step instructions and screenshots to guide you on this process. Whether you’re a small business owner, or you just don’t want to pay for expensive design programs (understandable), this tutorial will give you the confidence to change your logo and enhance your brand’s visual identity.

Why Change Logo Colors?

Why would anyone want to change the colors on their logo in the first place? Don’t you want to keep your logo consistent with your brand kit?


However, there are some circumstances when it’s beneficial to change the colors on your logo. This can be done during the holidays or if your business ever goes through a brand refresh. After all, you always want to keep your brand’s visual identity up-to-date and relevant.

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (1)
How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (2)
How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (3)

Holidays & Events

Holidays and events provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to refresh their brand’s visual identity. Changing the colors on a logo to match the colors associated with a particular event allows businesses to capture attention in a timely manner.

For example, a restaurant may change the colors on its logo to red and green during the Christmas season to create a festive atmosphere. They may incorporate rainbow colors that evoke the LGBTQ+ flag during Pride Month. Both of these examples reflect larger things happening in the world, and your updated logo shows that you’re relevant, on-theme, and ready to take part in it all.

Brand Refresh

Another time when changing the colors on a logo is appropriate is for a brand refresh. Changing the colors on a logo can be a subtle but effective way to update a brand’s image and keep it current. For example, a fashion brand shifting towards a more sustainable approach may change its logo colors to reflect a more earthy and organic vibe.

Businesses should periodically evaluate their visual identity and consider changing their logo colors as needed. By doing so, they can stay relevant, competitive, and visually engaging.

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy

Here’s the quickest, easiest way to change colors on your logo for free:

  1. Go to Shutterstock Create
  2. Create a logo . . . or import yours
  3. Select elements
  4. Open the color window
  5. Select your colors
  6. Share and download

Step 1: Go to Shutterstock Create

Head over to Shutterstock Create. Make a free account and start designing instantly.

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (4)

Step 2: Create a Logo . . . or Import Yours

Shutterstock Create has plenty of popular templates that do most of the complex design work for you. Since we’re changing colors on a logo, select the “Logo” template. (Alternatively, you can upload your own logo by navigating to the “Uploads” button on the left, then importing your logo from your computer. We’ll give more details on how to do that later.) Here though, we’ll show how to create your own logo.

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (5)

On the left, you can either select one of the logo templates or create your own logo using the tools such as Text, Shapes, and Graphics.

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (6)

Here’s a really simple logo I created using some shapes and text. It literally took me a few seconds! For this tutorial’s sake, let’s say I want to give this more of a “Christmas vibe.”

(Video) How to change logo color easy

If you’re not interested in applying Christmas colors to your logo, find a color palette that you like:

Step 3: Select Elements

Start by selecting the parts of the logo you want to change the color of.

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (7)

Let’s change the color of this leaf to red. Hover and click on the element. Clicking will select this element, which is indicated by the blue outline.

Step 4: Open the Color Window

On the top left of the canvas, you’ll see “Change color.” Click here to open the Color window.

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (8)

Step 5: Select the Logo Color

In the Color window, you’ve got a couple of options. You can change the color to solid by adding your canvas color or selecting one of the presets.

You can also switch to the Gradient tab and apply a gradient, rather than a solid color. For the sake of this tutorial, I will apply some new solid canvas to my logo.

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (9)

With the “Solid” tab selected, click the “+” icon under “Canvas Colors.”

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (10)

Create your own custom color by inserting a color code. You can also click and drag the color field to your desired color. Feel free to adjust the hue or apply a tint or shade.

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (11)

There you go! We successfully changed the leaf from yellow to red. I went ahead and made the green a bit darker as well.

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (12)

Another perk of Shutterstock Create is that it automatically saves your work. You never have to worry about it crashing and losing files. You can also create copies of the same logo and change the colors whenever you want!

Step 6: Share & Download

Now that you’ve finished changing the colors on your logo, you can either share it directly on social media or download it as a JPG or PNG.

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (13)

If you want a transparent background, download your logo as a PNG file. Just make sure the canvas color is transparent.

Bonus Tutorial: How to Change Colors on an Existing JPG or PNG Logo

Let’s say you already have a PNG logo that you’d like to tweak the colors on. That can be done using Shutterstock Create as well!

Step 1. Start with a Blank Canvas

After you’ve made your account on Shutterstock Create, select “Custom Size.” Select “Create design.”

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (14)

Step 2: Upload Your PNG Logo

On the left, select “Uploads.” Source your PNG logo and upload it.

(Video) The Easy DIY Way to Change Logo Colors With Pixlr Editor

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (15)

Step 3: Edit the Colors

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (16)

Once uploaded, select “Edit Image” on the top left. This window allows you to edit your logo however you’d like. Here, you can adjust the color or apply the Color Changer effect.

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (17)

By selecting the “Colors” adjustment, change the temperature, tint, saturation, vibrance, and more. By experimenting with some of the toggles in Color Adjustments, I quickly and easily changed all the colors of the whole logo from red and green . . . to pink and blue.

How to Change Colors on a Logo: Fast & Easy (18)

Add Some Life to Your Logo!

Making changes to a logo can seem intimidating for non-designers. But with the right tools and guidance, anyone can update their brand’s visual identity in a fast and easy way.

By following the step-by-step instructions in this tutorial and using Shutterstock Create, you can change the colors on your logo and create a more eye-catching and relevant brand image.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations and effects to find the one that best suits your personality and values. With a little creativity and the right resources, you can elevate your brand’s visual identity and make it stand out from the crowd.

So go ahead and give it a try! You might just be surprised at how easy it is.

Enhance Your Logo with Shutterstock Create

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Click the "Edit" tab to open the image editing. You can right-click the image and then you can cut, copy, paste and rotate. The size can also be adjusted as per needs and demand.

Can you sue someone for copying your logo? ›

Trademarks work somewhat differently than copyrights in that merely printing someone else's logo doesn't automatically mean you've infringed upon the owner's rights. Most logos are, in fact, not protected by copyright law. Still, trademark infringement could result in a lawsuit to stop the infringement.

How much does it cost to change a logo? ›

A logo's price can range from $0 to $2500 or more, depending on a number of factors such as whether the logo was created in-house or by a professional designer or agency. Logos made with some logo makers start at around $20, while logos made with design crowdsourcing websites begin at around $99.

Do I own the rights to my logo? ›

Copyright law provides that the designer of the logo is the first owner, unless it's made by an employee in the course of their employment, in which case the copyright will be owned by the employer. If you employ a designer who creates your new logo, you will own the copyright in it.

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How to edit PNG images using Aspose. Imaging Image Editor
  1. Click inside the file drop area to upload PNG images or drag & drop PNG image files.
  2. Edit the image with one or more operations such as crop, rotate, apply filter, etc.
  3. Click the Apply button to apply the changes for each operation.

How do I recolor a logo in Illustrator? ›

Select the artwork to recolor. Click the 'Recolor' button in the 'Properties Panel' to the right, to open the 'Recolor Artwork' dialog box. Select the 'Edit' tab to view colors in the selected artwork in a color wheel. On the color wheel is colors the program picked up from the selected artwork.

How do I change the background of a logo to transparent? ›

Here's how to make your logo transparent using Canva Pro:

Add the logo for which you want to make the background transparent. Select the image and then click Edit Image on the top left. Select the Background Remover option. Tada!

How can I change the color of a PNG logo for free? ›

How to Change PNG Color?
  1. Click on the "Change PNG Color Now" button to start your color replacement operation.
  2. Upload the PNG you want to change the color of.
  3. Click the "Background Remover"tool, and select "Common Cutout" or "Portrait Cutout" as needed.
  4. Wait for Fotor's tool to make your PNG background transparent.

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How to edit PNG images using Aspose. Imaging Image Editor
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  2. Edit the image with one or more operations such as crop, rotate, apply filter, etc.
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